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B210LP System Sensor Smoke Detector Base, measuring at 2.1″ high and 6.1″ in diameter.

The B210LP System Sensor is a plugin detector base intended for use in a 2-wire intelligent system, with screw terminals provided for power (+ and –), and remote annunciator connections. Communication takes place overpower (+ and –) lines.

Installation Wiring Guidelines All wiring must be installed in compliance with all applicable local codes and any special requirements of the authority having jurisdiction, using the proper wire size.

The conductors used to connect smoke detectors to control panels and accessory devices should be color-coded to reduce the likelihood of wiring errors. Improper connections can prevent a system from responding properly in the event of a fire.

For signal wiring (the wiring between interconnected detectors), it is recommended that the wire be no smaller than AWG 18. However, the screws and clamping plate in the base can accommodate wire sizes up to AWG 12.

The use of twisted pair wiring or shielded cable for the power (+ and -the) loop is recommended to minimize the effects of electrical interference. If shielded cable is used, the shield connection to and from the detector must be continuous by using wire nuts, crimping, or soldering, as appropriate for a reliable connection.

Make electrical connections by stripping about 3/8 inch (10 mm) of insulation from the end of the wire (use strip gauge molded-in base), sliding the bare end of the wire under the clamping plate, and tightening the clamping plate screw. Do not loop the wire under the clamping plate.

The zone wiring of the B210LP System Sensor should be checked before the detector heads are installed in them. The wiring should be checked for continuity and polarity in the base, and dielectric tests should be performed.

B210LP System Sensor base includes a label for recording the zone, address, and type of detector being installed. This information is important to set the address of the detector head that will later be plugged into the base and to verify the type required for that location.

Mounting This detector base mounts directly to 31/2- and 4-inch octagon boxes, 4-inch square boxes (with or without plaster rings), and single gang boxes.

To mount, remove the decorative ring by turning it in either direction to unhook the snaps, then separate the ring from the base. Install the base on the box using the screws supplied with the junction box and the appropriate mounting slots in the base.

Datasheet B210LP.

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System Sensor

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