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4098-9832 Simplex, SSD Adapter Plate.

4098-9832 Simplex required for mounting to surface-mounted 4” (102 mm) square or 4” octagonal boxes, and to 4” square flush-mounted boxes.

  • May be used when retrofitting existing bases.
  • Compatible with detector bases 4098-9788, -9682, & -9683.

Photoelectric smoke detector with on-board TrueAlarm sensitivity drift compensation: Functional chamber enclosure:

  • Louvered design enhances smoke capture by directing flow to the chamber.
  • Entrance areas are minimally visible when ceiling mounted.
  • The operation is for ceiling or wall mounting.

Simplex TrueAlarm photoelectric detectors provide many of the proven TrueAlarm analog sensing features for applications where detectors are connected to conventional 2-wire or 4-wire initiating device circuits (IDCs).

Each TrueAlarm detector has an on-board microprocessor that evaluates its photoelectric light scattering chamber activity and makes an intelligent decision based on light obscuration history as to whether an alarm condition is present.

TrueAlarm detectors are packaged in a patented housing that minimizes the visibility of the air intake louvers from the normal viewing locations while maintaining a high-performance smoke capture ability. Bases are available for remote alarm LED indicator connections and auxiliary relay outputs.

Multi-function indicator LED indicates normal and alarm conditions Magnetically operated functional test:

  • Initiates alarm and verifies performance
  • Identifies general sensitivity status using detector LED Models available in two sensitivity settings:
  • 4098-9601, Standard Sensitivity, nominal 2.8%/ft obscuration*

4098-9605, Special Application Sensitivity, nominal 3.5%/ft obscuration Available options:

  • Bases for 2-wire or 4-wire operation
  • Auxiliary alarm relay output
  • Remote alarm indicating LED

Designed for EMI compatibility
UL listed to Standard 268

Datasheet 4098-9832.

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