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4098-9774 Simplex, SSD Photo Sensor Black.

The 4098-9774 Simplex is an analog addressable, replacement, photoelectric smoke detector head. The Simplex 4098-9774 is the same detector as Simplex 4098-9714 just in black. The Simplex 4098-9774 is a sensor head is designed to provide 360° smoke entry for optimum response to smoke from any direction.

Due to its photoelectric operation, air velocity is not normally a factor, except for impact on area smoke flow for the Simplex 4098-9774. This photoelectric detector can be used with the 4010 and 4100U series control panels from Simplex. It also is compatible with the 4008, 4020, 4210, and 4100 series, as well as with 2120 TrueAlarm CDT’s.


TrueAlarm Sensing and IDNet communication isolation. The 4098-9793 IDNet Communications Isolator Base provides Simplex TrueAlarm analog sensor operation and also provides IDNet communications isolation to improve installation convenience and increase system integrity.

Isolation is automatically activated at the base when an output short circuit is detected and isolation can also be selected per base manually from the control panel to assist with troubleshooting wiring problems.


Isolator bases power-up in isolation mode and is directed to connect by the control panel. If the output wiring is acceptable, the isolator base will connect to the rest of the circuit. If the output wiring is shorted, the isolator remains isolated.

Datasheet 4098-9774.

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