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4098-9733 Simplex is a TrueAlarm heat detector head

The 4098-9733 Simplex unit is a TrueAlarm heat sensor for use in Simplex addressable panels. To clarify, such sensors provide digital measurement and send this information to the control panel, using Simplex addressable communications. Then, at the control panel, the data is analyzed and an average value is stored.

Due to its small thermal mass, the 4098-9733 Simplex sensor works faster and with more accuracy. This is applicable, for instance, when measuring the local temperature for analysis at the fire alarm control panel. Therefore, any alarm or other condition is determined by a comparison between the sensor’s present value and time and its average.

Main features:

  • You can install this unit at the ceiling or at the wall.
  • Listed to UL 521 and ULC-S530.
  • Designed for EMI compatibility.
  • Digital transmission of analog sensor values via IDNet or MAPNET II two-wire communications.
  • Three fixed temperature sensing thresholds: 135° F, 155° F and 190° F.

The TrueAlarm heat sensors are also self-restoring and provide rate compensated, fixed temperature sensing, selectable with or without rate-of-rise temperature sensing.

Compatible sensor bases for 4098-9733 Simplex:

  • 4098-9776 – This is a black Simplex sensor base.
  • 4098-9792 – This is an addressable standard sensor base.
  • 4098-9789 – This is a Simplex TrueAlarm analog addressable detector base.
  • 4098-9791 – This is a sensor base with relay driver.
  • 4098-9780 – This is a 2-Wire Sensor Base.
  • 4098-9775 – This is a black Simplex sensor base.

If you need more details, you can check the 4098-9733 Simplex manual.

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