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HTRI-M Siemens Intelligent Interface Module.

The Intelligent Interface Module Model HTRI-M Siemens is designed to provide the means of interfacing direct shorting devices to the Device Program/Test Unit (Model DPU) for various Siemens ─ Fire Safety fire-alarm control panels (FACPs), which include the 50-point, 252-point, and 504-point addressable fire systems.

Model HTRI-M provides the most advanced method of address programming and supervision ─ including sophisticated FACP-communication ─ in the fire and life safety market. Each model HTRI-M interface module uses microcomputer-chip technology, and advanced bi-directional communication capabilities with the respective Siemens – Fire Safety FACP.

Model HTRI-M is designed to monitor an N.O. or N.C. dry contact, and report the contact status to the FACP. The microcomputer chip for Model HTRI-M | -MZ has the capacity of storing ─ in memory ─ identification information, as well as integral operating-status data.

  • Interfaces and supervises normally open (N.O.) contacts: [i.e. − fire detection].
  • Interfaces and supervises normally closed (N.C.) contacts: [i.e. − security detection].
  • Compact size allows mounting in a single-gang box behind equipment.
  • Polarity is insensitive to SureWire™ technology.
  • Innovative technology supports a comprehensive system and interfaces communication.
  • Dynamic supervision.
  • Two-wire operation.
  • Device Programmer / Test Unit programs and verifies address and test functionality.
  • UL Listed, ULC Listed; FM, CSFM, and NYC Fire Department Approved.

HTRI-M Siemens Specifications

Device Programmer Tester, Model DPU

Each Model HTRI-M | -MZ interface module is programmed using Model DPU, which is a compact, portable, and menu-driven accessory that makes programming and testing a given interface more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

Model DPU eliminates the need for mechanical addressing mechanisms ─ such as program jumpers, DIP switches, or rotary dials ─ since Model DPU sets the interface address of Model HTRI-M | -MZ into its microcomputer-chip, nonvolatile memory electronically.

Vibration, corrosion, and other conditions that deteriorate mechanical-addressing mechanisms are no longer a cause for concern. Model HTRI-M | -MZ is connected to Model DPU with the programming cable provided with the tester. This programming cable (P/N 110-694927) utilizes two (2) alligator clip connectors, to attach to the HTRI-M | -MZ.

Datasheet HTRI-M.

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