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HTRI-D Siemens Dual Input Module, Whit Supervision

The HTRI-D Siemens Intelligent interface modules are designed to provide the means of interfacing direct shorting devices to the fire alarm control panel (FACP) loop circuit.

The HTRI-D Siemens modules provide the most advanced method of address programming and supervision on the market ─ combined with sophisticated control panel communication.

Each HTRI-D Siemens interface module incorporates a microcomputer chip, and each interface module achieves the state of an `intelligent device’ through its microcomputer-chip technology, combined with its sophisticated, bi-directional communication capabilities with the FACP.


The Siemens Mode HTRI-series intelligent interface modules are available in three (3) types: Model HTRI-D | -DZ, as well as Models HTRI-S | -SZ and HTRI-R | -RZ, which are both designed to monitor an (N.O) or (N.C) dry contact. The interface module reports the status of the (N.O) or (N.C) contact to the control panel.

Model HTRI-S | -SZ can only monitor and report the status of the contact, while Model HTRI-R | -RZ incorporates an addressable `Form C’ relay. The Model HTRI-R | -RZ relay and contact device input are controlled at the same address.

For the FACP, the relay and input contact can be controlled as a separate function. The relay is typically used where the control or shunting of external equipment is required. The Model HTRI-D | -DZ is a dual-input module that is designed to supervise and monitor two (2) sets of dry contacts. Model HTRI-D | -DZ only requires one (1) address but responds independently to each input.

Model HTRI-D | -DZ is ideal for monitoring a waterflow switch and its respective valve tamper switch. Model HTRI-D | -DZ flashes twice ─ once for each address, and Model HTRI-R | -RZ LED indicates a change of state in the relay. The device’s microcomputer chip has the capacity of storing, in memory, identification information; as well as important operating-status data.

Datasheet HTRI-D.

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