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HFP-11 Siemens is a plug-in, two-wire, and multi-sensor detector (with both photoelectric and thermal inputs) that is compatible with FireFinder XLS and FS-250 series of FACPs.

HFP-11 Siemens provides the highest level of detector intelligence available today with a detector/control panel link that allows the user to program the detector for the specific hazard profile, using a simple software menu selection.

Direct Replacement: OP921.

Detectors are optimized by selecting one (1) of the following 11 applications:

  • Office / Retail.
  • Lobby.
  • Computer room.
  • Dormitory.
  • Healthcare.
  • Parking garage.
  • Utility / Transformer room.
  • Hostile environment.
  • Precious storage.
  • Air Duct.

LED Indicators

The Model HFP-11 contains an LED indicator capable of flashing either one of three distinct colors: green, yellow, or red. During each flush interval, the microprocessor-based detector checks the following:

  • For smoke in its sensing chamber.
  • That its smoke sensitivity is within the range indicated.
  • That its critical smoke sensing electronics are operating.

HFP-11 Architect and engineer specifications

  • Most sophisticated ‘detector intelligence’ available.
  • Easily programmed to match specific hazard profiles from the fire alarm control panel (FACP).
  • FirePrint™ technology to differentiate between deceptive phenomena and actual fire.
  • Supports software-based automatic environmental compensation.
  • System logic activation based on any of three (3) inputs from the detector (smoke, heat, or neural network).
  • Remote sensitivity-measurement capability.
  • Pre-alarm reporting based on fire-profile selection.
  • Polarity insensitive utilizing SureWireTM technology.
  • Multi-color detector status light-emitting diode (LED).
  • Compatible with Model DPU (device programmer/tester unit).
  • Field-cleanable chamber with replaceable chamber parts available.
  • Multi-criteria fire detection for the price of a photoelectric detector.
  • Optional fully programmable relay base, audible bass, and duct housing.

Datasheet HFP-11.

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