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DMK-11 Siemens Detector Maintenance Kit (500-695338)

The Model DMK-11 Siemens Detector Maintenance Kit (500-695338) is used to replace dusty photoelectric detector chamber parts.

DMK-11 Siemens Contents

The DMK-11 Detector Maintenance Kit contains the following items:

  • One smoke detector chamber labyrinth
  • One smoke detector chamber foam screen

Applicable Detector Models

Use the DMK-11 only in detectors that reference the DMK-11 Detector Maintenance Kit in the detector Installation/Wiring Instructions Cleaning Procedure section.

Instructions for Using the DMK-11 Siemens

Follow the detailed, step-by-step Cleaning Procedure listed below.

Cleaning Procedure

1. Notify the proper personnel that the fire alarm system is being serviced.
2. Remove the detector to be cleaned from its base.
3. Using a small blade screwdriver, remove the cover from the rest of the detector by releasing the two cover tabs located on the outside of the cover. Separate the foam screen from the cover.
4. Remove the labyrinth from the sensing chamber by squeezing the labyrinth sides along the release axis and pulling out.
5. Clean dust from the detector cover and sensing chamber using a brush, or by blowing with compressed air.

CAUTION: Do not use a compressed air supply that may contain an oil residue.

WARNING: Do not remove or loosen the two screws on the rear of the detector, or calibration will be lost.

6. Reassemble the detector by reversing the steps used for disassembly, replacing the foam screen and labyrinth with the new components from the DMK-11 kit. Reinstall the detector in its base.
7. Test the detector. Reset the control panel zone after each alarm.

NOTE: After applying or momentarily interrupting power to the detector, it is normal for it to take as long as 50 seconds for the LED to begin flashing to indicate its operating status.

8. When all service has been completed, notify personnel (See Step 1) that system service has been completed.

Datasheet DMK-11.

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