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B501 Notifier Series Intelligent 4″ Base.

B501 Notifier Mounting this detector base mounts directly to 4″ square with plaster ring, 31 /2″ octagon, 50 mm, 60 mm, and 70 mm centers.

B501 Installation And Wiring Guidelines

All wiring must be installed in compliance with all applicable local codes and any special requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction. Proper wire gauges should be used. The conductors used to connect smoke detectors to control panels and accessory devices should be color-coded to reduce the likelihood of wiring errors. Improper connections can prevent a system from responding properly in the event of a fire.

For signal wiring (the wiring between interconnected detectors and modules), it is recommended that the wiring be no smaller than 18 AWG (0.823 mm²). Wire sizes up to 12 AWG (3.31 mm²) may be used with the base.

B501 Notifier Alarm system control panels have specifications for allowable loop resistance. Consult the control panel specifications for the total loop resistance allowed before wiring the detector loops.

Make wiring connections by stripping about 3 /8″ (10 mm) of insulation from the wire end (use strip gauge molded in base). Then slide the wire under the clamping plate and tighten the clamping plate screw. Do not loop the wire under the clamping plate.

Check the zone wiring of all bases in the system before installing the detectors. This includes checking the wiring for continuity, correct polarity, ground fault testing and performing a dielectric test.

The base includes an area for recording the zone, address, and type of detector to be installed at that location. This information is useful for setting the detector head address and for verification of the detector type required for that location.

Once all detector bases have been wired and mounted, and the loop wiring has been checked, the detector heads may be installed in the bases.

B501 is Compatible with Notifier 851 & 951 Series Intelligent Devices and FireWarden 100 & 200 Series Intelligent Devices.

  • Bases enable quick and secure detector plug-in.
  • SEMS screws provide easy wiring connection.
  • Support for 12-24 AWG supports installation flexibility.
  • Sensor determines Operating Temperature Range.

Datasheet B501.

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