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The Bosch FMM-7045-D Dual Action Multiplex Manual Station.

FMM-7045-D Multiplex manual station, double, red The double‑action manual station is UL listed and meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. An address on the polling circuit is easily set with rotary switches. The pull-down handle locks in the activated position. It is reset by opening the unit with a key and then relocking it.

The FMM‑7045 MUX manual stations are UL Listed fire alarm initiating devices. They can be connected along with other multiplex (MUX) devices on the FPE-7039, D7039, DS9431 MUX expansion modules. The FPE-7039 or D7039 are used with the FPD‑7024 or D7024 FACPs. The DS9431 is used with the DS9400 FACPs. The FACPs supervise the entire MUX loop, including the manual stations, for troubles, alarms, and ground fault conditions. Each manual station occupies only one address on the MUX bus. A manual station can be addressed for any point within the MUX module’s 9 to 255 range.

A manual station (FMM-7045-D) is generally installed near building exits, allowing persons evacuating the building to activate the fire alarm. They have optional scored acrylic break rods and a pull handle that locks in the activated position. These features allow easy identification of alarm activation points. The manual stations have a low profile and rounded edges to fit most design applications. They are manufactured in conformance with the standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All components are painted or have plated surfaces to inhibit corrosion. Non-corroding screw terminals are provided for wire connections.

FMM-7045-D Features 

  • Easy addressing with rotary switches
  • Terminal connections and low current draw
  • Key‑lock reset
  • Replaceable scored acrylic break rod option
  • UL Listed and ADA compliant


The manual stations are for indoor use only.

Datasheet FMM-7045-D.

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