Wheelock Excer Series products

Guide to the Wheelock Exceder Series

Eaton’s Wheelock devices were the first in the fire alarm industry to offer LED notification appliances. With its most recent series, this manufacturer innovated once again. The Wheelock Exceder LED3 devices were the first to comply with the latest NFPA code requirements for the flash duration. To better understand what this means, check the Wheelock Exceder Series’ main features, and find the best solution for your Fire Alarm System.

The Wheelock Exceder LED3 Series

The release of the Wheelock Exceder LED3 Series was under NFPA’s 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (2016 edition). In this update, there was a reduction of the light pulse duration allowed for strobe devices, from 200 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds. Therefore, it demanded a quick response from manufacturers to comply with such requirements.

Besides meeting the 20 milliseconds specification, the Wheelock Exceder Series stands out for other features. Such as its high-efficient LED technology, energy-saving, and visual appeal. 

Energy efficiency

Generally speaking, LED technology strobe devices lead the industry in low current draw, providing high energy savings. This feature reduces overall power consumption and wire size. Additionally, it allows the installation of fewer power supplies and less battery consumption, in case you need it.

Life cycle

In comparison with the Xenon strobes, LED technology allows better control and optimization of the light source and output. Besides that, the LED light has a more enduring source life: 50,000 to 100,000 hours vs. 1000 to 5000 hours in Xenon strobes.

Best response to the light

According to research, the brighter the light output, the more effective the human response to it. Consequently, the LED technology optimizes light based on the installation area and the perception of the human eye.


Per the NFPA’s 72 standards, the Wheelock Exceder LED3 line has been listed by UL as compatible for use with Wheelock Xenon devices in the same field of view. The series is also compatible with all fire alarm control units (FACU) and accessories suitable for Wheelock Xenon products.

Low-profile design

Being considered one of the smallest designs in the world, the Wheelock Exceder Series devices are also aesthetically pleasing. With its discreet appearance, the units are perfect for installation on commercial buildings, offices, and retail spaces.

Easy installation

You can install Wheelock Exceder Series units on the wall or on the ceiling, with no visible mounting screws. Also, there are no tools required to change the settings on the device, and each part has in/out screw terminals for faster installations.

Meet the Wheelock Exceder LED3 products

The Wheelock Exceder Series includes horn strobes, strobes, horns, low-frequency (520Hz) sounders, and high fidelity speaker strobes. With the addition of its most recent line, Eaton offers now a full range of low and high candela appliances, perfect for both building renovations and new constructions.

Wheelock Exceder Series products

If you have any questions regarding which Wheelock Fire Alarm product would be the best fit for building, contact us today. JEM Security can provide you with the best Fire Alarm Safety solutions.


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