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Guide to the Gamewell S3 Series: everything you need to know

More efficient, modern, and straightforward. This is the way we can begin to describe the Gamewell S3 Series. Perfect for mid-size buildings, this line uses touch-screen technology for a better approach to fire alarm control. 

Approved for NFPA standards, FM tests, and UL listing requirements, the S3 Series offers a reliable and innovative fire alarm system. Therefore, meet its main features and check if these are the right products for your fire alarm system.

How does the touch-screen technology work?

The Gamewell S3 Series came to simplify the display of the fire alarm system features. While eliminating confusing buttons and cryptic texts, the interaction with the equipment becomes much more straightforward.

The objective here is to simplify the understanding of general information, so facility managers and first responders can focus on the most critical actions during an emergency. To do so, the S3 series’ touch-screen interface operates with three main display modes.

  • System status: gives information on any system faults;
  • Event details: displays real-time information on all emergency events, including alarm location, and the total number of devices in alarm;
  • Service mode: gives access to various systems for functions like temporarily disabling devices, output bypass, and alarm control.

Besides, the S3 system also comes with press-buttons that can be customized to facilitate quick access to specific information. The Gamewell S3 Series touch-screen display is removable and can be installed up to 3,000 feet from the S3 Series panel in an easily-accessible area such as a lobby or entryway. This way, first responders can have immediate access to it, checking critical fire alarm information and controls during an emergency.

Touch-screen display from Gamewell S3 Series.

Gamewell S3 Series main features

The Gamewell S3 Series is straightforward, without oversimplifying the features of a fire alarm system. As a matter of fact, through the main display, the user can have access to vital fire alarm information, including smoke, carbon monoxide, gas, and multi-criteria detection, elevator recall, fan control, graphical workstation monitoring interface, and others. 

The S3 Series can be used as a standalone system or as part of an extensive fire alarm network. In addition, one single pair of wires can support a network up to 122 panels, which allows the system’s expansion over time. The same wires can also connect the S3 Series system to Gamewell-FCI’s E3 Series® fire alarm and emergency communication.

Another exclusive feature to the S3 Series is a built-in Ethernet port, which enables the system to connect to the internet 24/7. From anywhere, facility managers and monitoring companies can use this connection to check the system status and review any troubleshooting. Below are some other useful features of the Gamewell S3 Series:

  • 4.3-inch High-resolution color touch-screen display;
  • Automatic NAC electronic end-of-line resistor sensing;
  • Add voice/ECS with E3 Series® integration;
  • Simple retrofit upgrade from legacy FCI 7100 and Gamewell 602/610 panels;
  • Unique hazard LED for non-fire events like carbon monoxide or gas;
  • It provides two fully programmable Form-C contacts for fire, trouble, and supervisory.

Considering all these features and its straightforward interaction, the Gamewell S3 Series provides a unique user experience.

Is this system suitable for my building?

Considering its standalone capacity and its availability to grow with your building, with a network up to 122 panels, the Gamewell S3 Series is a smart solution for mid-sized fire alarm applications. Therefore, this line is perfect for many facilities, such as K-12 schools, retail spaces, office campuses, healthcare offices, and small hospitality places.

If you are convinced that the Gamewell S3 Series is the right one for your building, check our prices and find the best products. For more information about the Gamewell S3 Series, you can check the specs sheet line.


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