Businesses after COVID-19

Businesses after COVID-19: NFPA shares a checklist for reopening

Even though the COVIC-19 situation is still far from stable, some companies are thinking about reopening in the United States. In some locations, the complete lockdown is ending and people are getting back to business as the economy reopens. Since security is a must, one detail all businesses should focus on is fire security. Therefore, to help these companies comply with the regulations and ensure everybody’s safety, NFPA (Nation Fire Protection Association) came up with a checklist for reopening businesses after COVID-19.

During the “stay at home” orders, companies had to delay many inspections, testing, and maintenance activities for different reasons. Now it’s time to do these to ensure that fire protection and life safety systems are properly working. Ideally, it would be great to have a qualified person to check all systems before reoccupation.

Considering that a specific property complied with the regulations prior to closure, this checklist provides simple instructions for you to be sure that it is safe to reopen. The list works as a safety measure until you are actually able to have a technician go to your building to perform a full inspection and maintenance. Check the main guidelines below.

Fire alarm system

The first thing to do is to check your fire alarm panel for troubles, supervisory or alarm signals. If there are any present, you should contact your fire alarm monitoring company right away. You should also check if your fire alarm units are not blocked or damaged, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and pull stations

Water-based systems

Check if all valves are open, if sprinklers are not physically damaged, and if there are any leaks from the piping or sprinklers.

Fire extinguishers

All fire extinguishers should be in their perfect condition. Also, the pressure gauge reading or indicator for the equipment should be in the operable range or position. 

Means of egress

All paths must be unobstructed, all doors must be working properly, and all emergency signs must be visible, without any physical damage.


All emergency and standby power systems and electrical equipment should be working correctly. To ensure that, you will need to confirm the completion of the routine maintenance and operational testing for all devices.

General inspection for businesses after COVID-19

Besides checking if your building complies with all NFPA’s regulations, you should store hand sanitizers and alcohol-based products in a safe area. Additionally, check with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) if they require any specific safety measures for reopening. For more details, you can follow NFPA’s checklist not to forget any important aspect

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